Metal shelf shelves shop freestanding modular 97x40x140 cm

Metal shelf shelves shop freestanding modular 97x40x140 cm


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Product Description

Name: shelving from the center of the series 974040140AVDotazioni store room: No. 1 completaCaratteristiche shelving Product: metal shelving to store, gondola middle of a room consists of: – n ° 4 uprights H cm. 140 cm slotting the front step. 4,5- n ° 2 base planes of cm. 97×40- No. 4 floors with shelves adjustable in height of cm. 97×40- No. 2 hooves frontali- No. 2 pairs of feet terminali- n ° 2 brackets lamination uprights – n ° 4 per pillar caps – No. 1 top finishing band cm gondola. 97 – No. 2 finishing closures for uprights – slatted back is fit for the ‘scope of blister- attack for uniformly distributed load floor: 55 kg-epoxy powder coating with embossed finish of medium thickness 60/80 micron- uprights section cm. 4.5×4 obtained by cold profiling of mm.Dimensioni 18/10 thick steel strip (LXPXH) cm 102x92x147 .: footprint, measures useful 97x40x140Colore uprights, foot and socket: avionColore plans and back: avionInstallazione: in kit with practical instructions, quick and easy assembly thanks to the system completely to incastroConformità: ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 -OHSAS 18001, approvals and certifications as per attached PDFTempi of preparation: given to the courier for 10 days. working circaDestinazione d ‘use: interior, warehouse, ufficioInformazioni useful: The gondola is double sided, the depth of the base is cm. 40 for each side. Completely fitting with accessories associated with on-line products, such as additional plans, blister case hooks, label holder, Front fought to tilt position of the plan and much more.

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