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NESSN is about to publish a handbook on preparing for industrial action.

Going on Strike has been written by NESSN Committee member, Derek Cattell, who was inspired by Ken Montague’s booklet of the same name, published in 1979, the year that union density reached its peak.

There’s no point in reinventing the wheel, but things have moved on in the last thirty years, so we need to learn from hard won experience.

This handbook is aimed at trade unionists who are considering a strike, or leading one, perhaps for the first time; but we want experienced activists to give us feedback, so we can develop it in future.



1              Before taking action

2              Everybody out!

3              Planning a strike

4              Industrial action and the law

5              Picketing

6              Strikers’ tactics

7              Occupations

8              Negotiations

9              Defend the right to strike

10            Get connected

11            A checklist for strikers

The North East Shop Stewards’ Network

GOING ON STRIKE front (Word)

The price per copy is £2; but you can haggle with Paul Baker, NESSN Treasurer – or 0191 265 0906 – about a discount for six or more copies.

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